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"This virtual event was a first of its kind and the crowd was extremely engaged and interactive via the virtual platform."

"During the presentation, Abraham made a point to ensure people were engaged. He paused at the right moments and asked people to interact with him via chat. He also did a breathing exercise with students at the end that will be an extremely useful tool for them to have."

"I loved your H.O.T. analogy, it was very unique. Thank you for sharing your story."

"I really appreciate the panelists, particularly Abraham. Working for NAMI, the peer/lived-experience knowledge is extremely important and often taken for granted."

"Abraham was one of five panelists who shared information and/or lived experience insight with over 400 live attendees during this event."

"Due to COVID-19, our presentation with Mr. Sculley was virtual, but my students were receptive throughout the entire presentation. Though it is harder to gage interest in an audience virtually, Mr. Sculley kept my students engaged, and it was seen in the chat
as students commented throughout the presentation."

"During the Q&A session, Abraham responded to students’ questions very thoughtfully. I have received much positive feedback from students on how powerful his speech was, and it was “just what we [students] needed.”

"Your story of seeking support is effective motivation to others and brings awareness. Through your story, the crowd found reasons to support and reach out for additional resources and asked additional questions of us as the provider to give to them in their journey."


About Abraham

Professional Mental Health & Wellness Speaker

Abraham Sculley is a husband, educator, author, fitness trainer, and highly sought-after mental health speaker. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of West Florida in 2019 and currently lives in Pensacola, FL with his wife Estefania Sculley and dog Gypsy.

Abraham uses his personal story and professional expertise in the field of mental health to conduct suicide prevention training programs, host mental health awareness workshops, and educate others about the stigma of mental illness and the importance of prioritizing their mental health.

Over the last six years, Abraham has impacted numerous audiences around the United States, including professionals in health care organizations, leaders in for-profit organizations, nationally acclaimed non-profit agencies, and students and professors at major universities and colleges.

As the founder of Speaks 2 Inspire, LLC, an organization dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and sharing the mental health stories of others, Abraham continues to provide mental health education and follow his passion of assisting others in achieving optimal mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Speaking Topics

  • Men and Mental Health

  • Combatting the Stigma of Mental Health

  • Journaling to Wellness

  • Cultural Stigma

  • Movement and Mental Health

  • Coping Through a Pandemic

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Stigma Reduction

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Faculty/Staff Training

  • Self-Care & Stress Management

  • Treatment and Recovery

  • Substance Use

  • Religion and Spirituality

  • Life Transitions

  • Athletes and Mental Health

  • Workplace Mental Health

  • Vulnerability

  • Resilience

College Mental Health Speaker

Unlearn The Lies:

A Guide to Reshaping the Way We Think about Depression

About the Book

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “depression”? Unlearn the Lies: A Guide to Reshaping the Way We Think about Depression addresses seven lies that infiltrate the hearts and minds of so many people, causing them to suffer in silence. Throughout the book, Abraham Sculley courageously shares the personal struggles and challenges he faced to unlearn the lies he told himself after being diagnosed with clinical depression in college.

As a young, black, Christian man, the pressures of his religion, culture, and society planted seeds that seemed impossible to uproot. However, through his commitment to doing the work for his mental health, he was able to overcome the depths of depression. This book is designed to expose the lies that you may be telling yourself about depression, walk you through the steps of unlearning those lies, and give you practical tools and tips to achieve optimal mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Listen to the Unlearn The Lies podcast with Host: Abraham Sculley

Join the Unlearn The Lies movement!

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Event coordinators say

"Working with Abraham was a breeze. I valued his promptness and professionalism in the preparation of this event. He was consistently available and responsive to all communications. This made it very easy to work with him and we look forward to doing it again."

— Eating Recovery Center / Pathlight Mood and Anxiety

Abraham Sculley _ Mental Health Speaker

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