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Meet  Abraham

Meet Abraham Sculley

Abraham Sculley understands the importance of using his story and experiences to educate and inspire others, whether for one-on-one conversations or while speaking to an audience.
After graduating high school in 2014, Abraham studied at the University of West Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During the second semester of his freshman year, Abraham fell into a deep depression. At the time he did not know it was depression because growing up in a Jamaican American household, mental health was never talked about nor was how to seek help. He thought to himself, “I can’t be depressed, I am an optimistic guy and I love people.” At the time, he did not understand that what he was experiencing was a mental illness.

After accepting the advice from a concerned friend, Abraham sought out the counseling services on campus and was then diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. He later decided to withdraw from school to focus on his mental health.Abraham’s 3-month hiatus helped him to return to school with a new outlook and new vigor. His medical withdrawal did not stop him from completing his degree, it empowered him. Depression became the catalyst for his purpose and he is now a mental health advocate, speaking around the country about his life, his story, and his passion for mental health awareness.From Abraham’s experience with depression, he now facilitates mental health workshops, has spoken to over 1000+ individuals including professionals in health care organizations, for-profit organizations, nationally acclaimed non-profit agencies, college students and professors at major universities.Abraham is a certified Mental Health First Aid advocate and uses his passion to inspire others. He continues to use his story to promote the importance of mental health and assist others in reaching their highest potential in their physical, spiritual, and mental health.